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At Flagtech we specialise in fabric printing for flags, banners and site signage in all its shapes and sizes which are a great, cost-effective way to promote your business or products indoors or out. Combined with our industry leading custom hardware, you can rest assured that your image will endure many uses and even intemperate weather.

We are also dedicated to researching the latest innovations in order to bring our customers the very latest in cost saving production methods and materials without sacrificing our strict standards for quality.

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PVC waste crisis

Use Fabric Banners from Flagtech to help prevent the PVC waste crisis.

PVC (poly vinyl Chloride) is the most common substrate used for banner manufacturing. Unfortunately PVC is also a damaging persistant hazard to the environment.  Furthermore the vinyl banners are also printed with inks containing very strong solvents which also contribute damaging VOC's to the air. (Volatile Organic Compounds)

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Flagtech offers the most competitive price in the industry given the quality of the product we deliver.

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Flagtech offers the best quality materials in the manufacturing of our products. Our strict production standards will not allow an inferior performing product to leave our premises.

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The Flagtech experience begins with our service. Our dedicated and experienced client services personel are here to listen to your needs and suggest the best product to suit your requirements.

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