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Flagtech has been  producing flags and banners for exterior and outdoor display since 1941 under the name Textile Artcraft Inc. Our manufacturing expertise has evolved from hand painting on fabric, to  screen printing and now we use computers to digitally print on fabric.  With over 70 years of expertise in supplying printed fabric solutions for exterior and interior events, Flagtech has a deep fundamental knowledge of fabrics, fabric printing and finishing. We understand how fabric  behaves and we understand fabric's strengths and limitations. Our production values have evolved from decades of experience. Flagtech's experience means we can offer superior solution for any specific printed fabric requirement. No guesswork.   

Some of the special events we have supplied over the years:

  • Queen Elizabeth’s coronation visit to Canada in 1952
  • Development and sampling of the new Canadian flag in 1963-64.
  • Expo 67 and the 1976 Olympic games pageantry in Montreal
  • Expo 86  iv Vancouver.. site banners
  • 1988 Calgary Olympics…site banners
  • 2002 Salt Lake Cith Olympics
  • 2012 Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Celebration banners.

Owner and President
Robert White


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