Ad Poles


Telescopic Ad Pole

Ad-PoleThe Advertising Pole (Ad Pole) is a complete, high quality indoor and outdoor flag display solution. Lightweight, easy to transport and assemble. It’s a unique and customizable display solution for each application. The top banner arm keeps your flag perfectly presented and will make your message noticed. The Ad Pole can stand up 17 ft. from the ground. It has a water filled base and 4 support brackets.

The poles are made of tough high-tensile fiberglass.

The Ad pole is designed to be used outdoors but can be adapted for indoor use.

Water Base

Water Base

The quality construction of the Support Bracket maintains the integrity of the pole. The Support Bracket is attatched to the base by the sturdy C-clamps.

Once filled with water, the base will stablize the pole and will keep the pole upright under normal wind conditions.

The water is easily drained and the base can be carried away to a new location or stored for future use.

Carrying Case

Ad-pole carrying case  can be combined with a variety of bases
  precision aluminum hardware
  easy setup within minutes
  portable and easy to store with included Carrying Cases

Ad-pole banner

Maximum banner size

  45.6’’ x 138”
  115 cm x 350 cm
  Nylon 210 Denier
  1" webbing included sewn inside
  4 gommets on top
  6 gommets on left side