The classical horizontal banner!


Classic Rectangle printed banners are the perfect solution to promote any event. These Horizontal banners flap in the wind to grab the viewer's attention. They give you the maximum print area to display your message. A top horizontal bar holds the fabric up so your message is always easy to read and allows the lower half to move in the wind to attract attention! They are extremely versatile, durable, easy to transport and designed for indoor or outdoor use.

These promotional banners can be printed digitally or screen printed for larger quantities. They are printed on high tenacity nylon. The colour saturation is great with mirror on the back side.

Banner is sold with the following accessories: FlexiPole, a base and a carry bag. All basic models come with a ball-bearing spindle to enable the ag to track in the wind.

FlexiPole: advanced carbon ber t-in pole with metal reinforcement at each segment. Compact and easy to transport in a fabric bag; 4”x1.5”x 58”, weighs 1kg.


indoor & outdoor use
ideal for linear space such as near walls, passageways and next to doorways
the horizontal designe is great for displaying a meaningful message as well as images.





Available in table sizes


Banner Height

Total Height

Large 12' x 28.5" 13' - 5" (4.1 m)
Medium 8’ x 28.5 ”
6’ x 28.5 ”
9’ - 1” (2.8 m)
Small 6’ x 28.5” 7’ - 1” (2.2 m)
Note: Larger poles can use smaller size banners