The banner that sails above the rest!


These Sail banners always seem to fly even without wind. They are extremely versatile, durable, easy to transport and designed for indoors or outdoors use.

Choose the banner size that best shows your graphics and the pole size to obtain required visibility.

These promotional banners can be printed digitally or screen printed for larger quantities. They are usually printed on high tenacity nylon. The colour saturation is great with mirror image on the back side.

The sail banner is sold with the following accessories: FlexiPole, a base and a carry bag. All basic models come with a ball-bearing spindle to enable the flag to track in the wind.

FlexiPole: advanced carbon fiber fit-in pole with metal reinforcement at each segment. Compact and easy to transport in a fabric bag; 4”x1.5”x 58”, weighs 1 kg.



A selection of hardware options are available for this product.


Available in table sizes


Banner Height

Total Height

X-Large 18' x 28"
16' x 28"
18' x 36"
16' x 36"
Large 14' x 28"
12' x 28"
14' x 36"
12' x 36"
15' - 10"
Medium 10' x 28"
8' x 28"
10' x 36"
8' x 36"
11’ - 8”
Small 7' x 28"
6' x 28"
8’ - 4”