The banner that really flaps!


This flying banner is highly dynamic in the wind and attractions the most attention. This full colour printed fabric banner has a unique shape specifically designed to be moved by the wind to grab the viewer's attention. It is extremely versatile, durable, easy to transport and designed for outdoors use. Although it can be used indoors, it is most effective as an exterior banner.

This promotional banner can be printed digitally or screen printed for larger quantities. They are usually printed on high tenacity nylon. The colour saturation is great with the mirror image on the back side.

The banner is sold with the following accessories:

a base and a carry bag.

All basic models come with a ball-bearing spindle to enable the flag to track in the wind.

FlexiPole: advanced carbon fiber fit-in pole with metal reinforcement at each segment. Compact and easy to transport in a fabric bag; 4”x1.5”x 58”, weighs 1 kg.


Promote your brand and attract new clients. Cost effective and with easy to update prints. Easy to transport and assemble. Ultra strong light weight carbon-fibre poles. FREE Deluxe carry bag included.

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Advertising banners
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Tradeshows banners
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Available in table sizes


Banner Only

Total Height

Large ?' - ?" x ?" ?' - ?"
Medium ?’ - ? ” x ?” ?’ - ?”
Small ?’ x ?” ?’ - ?”